Medical Equipment

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Natividad provides essential services, and we build on that foundation with enhancements in technologically-advanced medical equipment to speed better health outcomes. Through active partnerships with Natividad’s administrators, physicians and nurses, Natividad Foundation identifies critical resources that will make the biggest difference in saving, preserving and improving the lives of patients.

For example, Natividad’s state-of-the-art neonatal incubators wouldn’t be possible without the vision and support of the Foundation’s donors. That and other investments have turned Natividad into a high-quality facility that serves people from all walks of life. The combination of excellent equipment, a diverse patient population, and resources such as the Trauma Center has made Natividad a destination for a growing network of specialized physicians, nurses and other medical personnel — improving care and healing throughout Monterey County.

Help save lives by supporting
new medical advancements.