Natividad Foundation brings people together to strengthen Natividad and create a healthier community. Together with our partners, we help Natividad provide high-​quality health care and trauma services for everyone in Monterey County, including the vulnerable.

Indigenous Interpreting+®

Indigenous Interpreting+ (II+) provides highly trained, professional interpreters who speak English, Spanish and an indigenous language, so patients and their health care providers can effectively communicate. Effective communication reduces medical errors and ensures that every patient is involved in making decisions about their care.

Sergio Martinez
Interpreter, Sergio Martinez, working with a patient and social worker of Natividad to help him understand services and options.

II+ meets the need for community and medical interpreting in indigenous languages that are not available through traditional interpreting services. Current languages include:

  • Amuzgo
  • Chatino
  • Kanjobal
  • Mixteco
  • Tlapaneco
  • Triqui
  • Zapoteco

To request services, please call 855-​662-​5300 or email the Request Form to judith@​natividadfoundation.​org

For questions, please contact Natividad Foundation’s Indigenous Interpreting+ Coordinator, Judith Pacheco, at judith@​natividadfoundation.​org

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COVID-​19 Emergency Response Fund

Your gift helps Natividad continue to mitigate the epidemic in our community now.


We’ve established the COVID-​19 Emergency Response Fund to help Natividad care for those affected by the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-​19) in Monterey County. The COVID-​19 Emergency Response Fund addresses the immediate emergency needs of Monterey County’s essential public hospital. From providing critical information in indigenous languages to purchasing emergency equipment to supporting the basic needs of the vulnerable and poor people quarantined if COVID-​19 positive or while awaiting test results. Your gift can make a significant impact on people who need it most in this uncertain time.

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MBPAPA Art Exhibition Gallery

2021-​2022 Nature’s Remedy Juried Exhibition by Artists from the Monterey Bay Plein Air Painters Association (MBPAPA). Juried by Stanley Robbins

Stanley Robbins

30% of the sales proceeds from the paintings support Natividad’s Spiritual Care Services Program.

If interested in purchasing one of the paintings, please contact Pam Powell at pam@​natividadfoundation.​org

Georgesse Gomez with Nyland Ranch

First Place
Georgesse Gomez with Nyland Ranch

Maria Boisvert with Early Morning Point Lobos
Second Place
Maria Boisvert with Early Morning Point Lobos

Third Place
Maggie Renner Hellman with Rustling Oak

Our public-​private partnerships help Natividad go above and beyond what it could do on its own. Providing funding for medical equipment, programs and training helps ensure all patients get the best care. Together, we help innovate so Natividad can provide the best medical and emotional outcomes for all in Monterey County.