Phoenix Fund

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The Phoenix Fund was created for mothers who just went through a pregnancy loss. The “Mommy Care
Bag” was designed to bring comfort, healing, and hope to the mother in her time of loss in hopes a
special gift will help ease the pain as their bodies, hearts and souls heal.

Story from Founder of Fund

This Mommy self-care package was an idea that came to me several days after giving birth to my angel baby Phoenix. I went into early labor with him at 20 weeks 3 days. I thought I had so much more time to get things prepared for myself, I never could have dreamt that something like this would happen to me. I hope this bag will help you a little bit as your body, heart, and soul heal.

Love always
Jessica Grimes

In memory of Phoenix Everly Grimes 11-7-2019

Help ease the pain as their
bodies, hearts, and souls heal.