Spiritual Care

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Caring for the Body, Mind and Soul

The Natividad Foundation’s nondenominational Spiritual Care Program is committed to caring for the spiritual needs of Natividad hospital’s patients and their families. Spiritual Care Advisors are here to help patients and their families who are experiencing concern, anxiety, stress, sudden loss, or difficulties dealing with prolonged illness. 

Support & Guidance

Being sick or injured can be frightening and emotionally draining. Our donors ensure we are able to offer important emotional and spiritual care for our patients and their loved ones. Spiritual Care Advisors are available to listen, to comfort, and to help patients and their families draw upon their spiritual strength. Spiritual Care Advisors respect your religious traditions and personal experiences, and are available for emergencies.

Spiritual Care Advisors Reverend Lawrence Robles and Father Paul Botenhagen.


Our Spiritual Care Program Offers:

  • A Meditation room/Chapel on the 3rd floor of the inpatient building.
  • Spiritual Care Advisors that are assigned to each hospital unit and available to visit with patients and their families.
  • Assistance available to patients, families and hospital staff in finding and deepening their spiritual resources.
  • Copies of scriptures and holy writings are available from a Spiritual Care Advisor.
  • Literature to assist in developing faith and spiritual practices and to help those who are ill, recovering or grieving.
  • Assistance with referrals to local faith communities and their leaders.


Special Services: 

  • Pastoral visits
  • Emotional and spiritual support during times of illness, crisis or loss
  • Prayer
  • Emergency baptism
  • Communion
  • Naming ceremonies
  • Blessings
  • Referral to community faith leaders

If you are a patient at Natividad and would like a visit from a Spiritual Care Advisor to address your spiritual concerns, please ask your nurse for assistance. 

You can contact Spiritual Care Services directly at (831) 755-4174. 

Reverend Lawrence Robles counsels a patient.

For more information or to learn how you can support our Spiritual Care Program,
please call (831) 755-4187 or email info@natividadfoundation.org or donate here.

Our donors ensure we are able to offer important emotional and spiritual care for our patients.