Trauma & Diabetes Prevention Education

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Natividad has outstanding trauma and acute care — we take care to make sure fewer people need it. The Foundation supports prevention as the best medicine. Trauma and Diabetes Prevention Education programs brings health professionals out of the hospital and clinics and in to the lives of the community to provide the education and resources people need to stay healthy. Injury prevention focuses on safety while traveling — encouraging the use of car seats and bicycle helmets; discouraging distracted driving and driving under the influence. Since many in the community cannot afford car seats and bicycle helmets, the programs provide them on an as-needed basis.

The Trauma and Diabetes Prevention Education programs also include education and ongoing peer support to solve real-world challenges to health behavior changes. 5 Steps to Prevent Diabetes® is a highly effective program that fosters healthy lifestyle behaviors through diet, physical activity and strategies for healthy eating on limited incomes. Donors have funded hundreds of 10-hour, hands-on educational sessions for members of the local community. The program has resulted in increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, increased daily physical activity, and increased use of shopping lists and meal planning to enable families to purchase healthier foods on a tight budget.

5 Steps to Prevent Diabetes® Curriculum

We are pleased to offer free Licensing for your use of our 5 Steps to Prevent Diabetes curriculum if you desire to offer your own program.  If you would like additional information about the Licensing Agreement to use the curriculum, please contact Jennifer Williams at Natividad Foundation.

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