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Donors, patients and creative artists come together to uplift, encourage, include and heal through Natividad Foundation’s Art of Better Health program. Donors and local artists started by transforming what could have been a generic hospital setting into one that welcomes and affirms the healing strength of our community. Thanks to these gifts, original local art fills our center and makes it feel more like home.

“Art not only makes us feel good. It improves health, immune system and reduces length of hospital stays.”

– Dr. Anthony Galicia, Natividad’s Acute Rehabilitation Center Medical Director


Watch how art creates better health at Natividad and take a walk through Kirk Kennedy’s book, “HOME Monterey County.”

The healing through art continues every year as our local art society partners with us to submit dozens of original paintings tied to our annual theme. Part of the proceeds from this year’s program will support spiritual care for patients of Natividad.


El Encargo movie
“El Encargo,” by Jose Ortiz, is an original mural that graces one of Natividad’s main hallways, connecting patients who previously lived in rural villages with their aspirations for a better life.

Monterey Bay Plein Air Painters Association:
"Art Needs No Translation, Only Interpretation"

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Every year, Natividad Foundation and Monterey Bay Plein Air Painters Association come together to present a special art exhibition on the second floor of Natividad. . The paintings honor the patients served by Natividad, creating an environment that welcomes and affirms the healing strength of our community. The juror of this show was the award-​winning artist Carol Tarzier.

The term “Plein Air” painters refers to artists who go outside and paint in the open, “en plein air,” creating their paintings based on the scene in front of them. Generally, these paintings are relatively small in size because of the logistics of the undertaking and the need to capture the fleeting light and atmosphere. Some of the larger paintings in the show were created in the artist’s studio based on smaller plein air studies.

First Place

“Winding River II”

Artist: Cindy Wilbur
Size: 20×20
Medium: Oil
Price: $1,800

Second Place

“Fog Rolling In”

Artist: Julia Munger Seelos
Size: 14×18
Medium: Oil
Price: $1,200

Third Place

“Garrapata Beach”

Artist: Bobbie Brainerd
Size: 11×14
Medium: Oil
Price: $500

Honorable Mention

“Opalescent, Point Lobos”

Artist: Sibyl Johnson
Size: 9×12
Medium: Oil
Price: $750

Honorable Mention

“Point Lobos Shadows”

Artist: Coraly Hanson
Size: 12×16
Medium: Oil
Price: $1,250

Honorable Mention

“Marsh Life”

Artist: Robyn Leimer
Size: 11×14
Medium: Oil
Price: $460

All paintings are on sale throughout 2018 and 30% of sales benefit Natividad Foundation’s Spiritual Care program.
To view the full gallery of paintings, please click here.