Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)


A fighting
chance for a
healthy life

A healthful community begins with its youngest citizens, and the Natividad Foundation ensures the highest quality care for its most vulnerable. Donations from the Foundation are directed toward ensuring state-​of-​the-​art equipment for babies admitted—technology that improves care while offering a more calming environment to speed healing. New incubators allow doctors to treat infants and complete procedures without moving the baby to a new environment.

But good care is more than equipment and technology—it’s people who understand the unique circumstances of patients and provide the full range of resources they need for recovery. Many infants come from homes with annual household incomes below $15,000 and are in the most need of support. The Medical Center provides transportation of ill newborns from other hospitals for specialized care, and keeps a team of neonatal nurse practitioners on staff around the clock to guarantee immediate response in emergencies. The Medical Center also promises to keep families together throughout the treatment and recovery process to promote a loving environment for the child. The Natividad Foundation also helps the Medical Center promote breastfeeding as the best feeding and helps meet the basic life needs of sick babies and their families.

Donate to the NICU and provide the best care for our most vulnerable patients.